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Language Coach

I have a true passion for the power of effective communication. As someone with a deep-rooted educator's heart, guiding you on your unique journey and instilling unwavering communication confidence is not just a skill, but a genuine joy.

What You’ll Get During The [Coaching]

Free 20 minute Discovery Call

Challenge yourself and broaden your horizons. As you grasp the language, you'll feel a surge in confidence, making connections and expressing yourself in new and fulfilling ways.

Learning English Online isn't just about words

it's about unlocking doors to meaningful experiences and relationships.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

To make the most of our time together, consider jotting down a few points about your language goals and any specific areas you'd like to focus on.

Prepare quiet room where you can concentrate, have a good internet connection and prepare to turn on your camera during the Zoom session.

What Happens During the Call

We'll discuss your language background, goals, and any challenges you might be facing. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

I will ask you to share your current comfort level, challenges, and desired outcomes, so we can tailor the coaching to your unique journey.

What to Expect After the Call

Upon deciding to proceed, we'll smoothly transition into the onboarding process, where we'll set the foundation for our collaboration.

This includes signing the contract, tailoring a bespoke coaching plan to your goals, and crafting a convenient schedule that ensures consistent progress toward mastering your desired language skills.

About [Kate]

My background encompasses diverse roles, including English teaching, translation, and interpreting (both consecutive and simultaneous).

I've honed my skills in proofreading and transcription across a spectrum of fields—education, local government, health, literature, business, and the environment.

Notably, I've lent my voice to professional trilingual voiceovers for telephone IVRs and videos.

With a cross-cultural proficiency gained through experiences spanning Europe, USA, the UK, Middle East, and Asia, I bring a unique perspective to every interaction.

Why They Recommend Having Kate

As a Personal Language Coach

Learning a language, like English, is an incredible journey that offers both personal and professional growth.


Businessman, Brazil

I really enjoyed language coaching with Kate. She is really good at understanding aspects of international business and how things work on a daily basis - that was valuable to me


Student, USA

Kate as a teacher is really awesome. She makes learning fun and helps me understand things that seem hard. She really cares about teaching.


Parent, UK

Kate has been a wonderful teacher for my kid as they learn English. She is patient and kind, and my child feels more confident with her help. I really like the fact Kate is using kids personal interests to help them learn.


Parent, Hong Kong

I'm truly grateful for this coaching service as it has not only enhanced Kevin's English proficiency but also sparked his enthusiasm for learning. I highly recommend this service to other parents looking to support their teenagers in mastering the English language.


Parent, Hong Kong

Ocean found the sessions incredibly beneficial. Kate's expertise and practical insights really resonated with Ocean's learning style. These sessions have not only improved Ocean's language skills but also improved his real-world knowledge.


Parent, Hong Kong

Kate made lessons just right for Donna. It wasn't boring at all! . I totally suggest this coaching for other kids like my Donna who want to get better at languages, but need a gentle push towards their learning.

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