Lost my train of thought|英会話フレーズ #Shorts

Lost my train of thought|英会話フレーズ  #Shorts

30 Days of 30 Phrases

01 Call it a day
02 keep my fingers crossed
03 by the book
04 cut me some slack
05 knock it off
06 from scratch
07 knock on wood
08 out cold
09 drag on
10 don’t hold your breath
11 catch my breath
12 save your breath
13 lost my train of thought
14 slipped my mind
15 come to think of it
16 your call
17 ring a bell
18 on the same page
19 fill in
20 in a nut-shell
21 all ears
22 all in a day’s work
23 cold feet
24 Bear in mind
25 right under
26 grab a bite to eat
27 stick to
28 rule out
29 rub someone the wrong way
30 keep at an arm’s length


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Who am I:
I’m Mason, a friendly foreigner in Japan making Eikaiwa video with my friends! We will talk about life in Japan vs California
I am a big believer in the AEATT (All English All the Time) method. It’s how I studied Japanese when coming to Japan. Good luck, and if you have any comments/want to join the conversation send a DM.